Recently, heavy workloads and other responsibilities have been piling up leading to both wifey and I lacking patience, feeling frustrated and ultimately being on edge.

That’s when we decided we needed an escape plan! A weekend away up in the mountains proved to be the perfect getaway for us to bond, relax and recharge our batteries for the heavy work load that Monday would bring again.

The above picture was taken in Agros village where we spent most of the weekend taking in nature at its best. Day dreaming, staring at the trees, listening to the soothing sounds of the thunderstorms and enjoying a hot cup of tea.

When your daily routine becomes unbearable, focus on your wellbeing; implement a chunk of time or a weekend away to release the tension! Escape, just for a bit!

Plan the perfect “Escape plan”:


  • Have a “fun day”. You’ve been working hard, allow yourself one day with no responsibilities and no stressful thoughts.


  • Go for a run. Whilst debating whether or not to hit the gym just go for a run on the days that frustration is getting the best of you.


  • Spend a weekend in the mountains. Being one with nature is often the best way to reconnect with your roots and truly relax.


  • Spend 30 minutes a day just for you. Read a book, meditate, or listen to your favorite music. Escape stressful situations, you deserve it.


  • Don’t let small things get the best of you. Take a step back, is it really worth being frustrated about?


To escape from stress, frustration and your daily routine is not a sign of irresponsibility. It is actually necessary to remain sane, appreciate and ENJOY life!