Strange how things just pop up in conversation and then materialise. I was catching up with a dear friend over a long awaited coffee just before leaving to go for a holiday with hubs. Our never ending natter led to a deep discussion on how we should expect the unexpected. So true, because the unexpected took place the following day for me!

Packed and ready with all travel essentials in check (or so I thought) the alarm rudely interrupted us with an annoyingly loud volume at 3 am. Moaning at why it had to ring so loudly we had 20 min to get ready before making our way to the airport. Moody, coffeeless and virtually sleepless, I was not ready for any bumps in the road! We arrived at the airport in time to check in and have a coffee or so I ‘expected’.

Six of us at the airport, four checked in. Hubs and I were last. Things however, didn’t quite go according to plan. Talk about a big bumpy wake-up call!!! When travelling alone I am always checking and double checking to see if I have the right things with me. This is probably because I know I’m forgetful and absent minded but it’s also been hammered in me by those around me that I need to be more responsible and on the ball when taking charge of certain things. Scary thing our subconscious thoughts! I walked past my dressing table the night we were to leave and noticed our ID’s and flight info ready to be picked up. I didn’t bat an eyelid, I just felt relief that I was flying with my husband so I took a back seat as I usually do when with him. All I had to do was pack my own things and worry not.

Checking-in proved a huge problem – why? hubs had accidently picked up my old, expired ID which resulted in me not being allowed to fly (HA! he’s not as flawless as he makes out) So, long story short, called my dad at 4.15 am who had to race up to my house, open the safe, get the passport and try to make it to the airport, all this in 45 minutes so I could catch the 5.00am flight. Did he make it? Of course not, foolish of me to even think I had an outside chance.

Does it get worse? YES! I’m not a very good flyer (at the best of times even with company) but I very quickly had to adjust to the fact that I was going to miss the flight and would need to travel alone. Sensibly my husband and friends decided to take the flight to Athens and wait for me to arrive on the next available airline which was Tus Airways. Having never heard of it, I freaked out. The others, already late boarding swiftly made their way to the gate. At 4.30am I stood outside the airport waiting for my dad praying that he would arrive in time for me not to miss a second flight which would then have had a knock on effect on the connecting flight we were all taking to Barcelona! Frustrated, coffeeless and anxious, I crossed my fingers and hoped that there were no further ‘surprises’ in store for me.

Yes, dad made it, bless him, with half an hour to spare!  During my flight all I could think of was that I had 45 minutes to disembark, run to the appropriate terminal, check in and board the next plane! But of course there was a delay in arriving to Athens! I begged, pleaded, cajoled everyone in front of me to allow to jump queues, so sprinting like I was running for dear life I managed to make it just in the nick of time, causing panic and stir along the way. I was the last to board the flight to Barcelona but managed it. The time was 12.00 noon. That is when I had my coffee! 6 hours after waking up!

Moral of the story: expect the unexpected, listen to your subconscious and never trust the husband!