What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘terracotta’?

Pottery, clay, bricks, or South American haciendas with traditional rooftops?

To me, it also reflects the words: tranquillity, stability and optimism!

Well, that’s exactly what this trend is all about. When combining these types of elements, we create a bohemian living atmosphere, which reflects the comfort and cosiness.

    Terracotta hues vary, from light brown to brick-peach and orange-beige ones. The stucco effect works perfectly with these colours if done on a big indoor or outdoor wall. Combine it with rocks, stones, handmade items, wooden furniture, cactus and plants, and you will end up with a magical mood. Many people combine it with primitive art but if you would like it more contemporary, any painting with earthy suitable colours and textures would do.

Light, as in every interior, also plays an important role for terracotta to stand out! Don’t think lamps and artificial light only,  if you have big windows or openings that allow natural light to come through on a terracotta wall, then you immediately create a warm atmosphere with amazing shades and shadows.If you are wondering which colours are better combined with this hue, the preferred ones would be blue, purple, light grey, olive and earthy tones, as well as beige and off white.

Thinking of being a modern nomad? This just might be the way to go!

Nicole Ioannides Varnava