Autumn definitely has its own lipstick shades. Forget the pumpkin spiced lattes, the changing leaves, the cozy turtlenecks—when you want to feel like fall, reach for anything lippy. The number of shades available are countless and many of you believe that you know what suits you and always try to ‘play it safe’. Start trying out new shades and dare to be different. Who knows you might very well like it! The 2019 fall runways have something for every taste – matte, shiny, bold, nude and even the au-naturel (which you know by now that I love). But today we have narrowed it down to give you the best in Autumn’s lip service!

Velvet Touch Lipstick by GOSH (003 Matt Antique)

A browny, nude shade that complements most people. Its matte finish ensures a long lasting result full of intensity and confidence. This lipstick doesn’t have a drying effect even though it is matte. It is quite creamy and is easily applicable unlike other matte lipsticks!

My two very recent buys which I fell in love with are:

Whirl by MAC  

A ‘dirty rose’ hue that suits every skin tone from the palest to the darkest. This shade is your safe choice but with a hint of colour.

D for Danger by Mac

This lip shade is ‘brick red’ which to me seems to change depending on your skin tone! It’s definitely a bold colour and as the name suggests, when you wear it be prepare for some…dangerous liaisons!

Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour by MAC (So Me)

The So Me shade is a greyed plum  which is excellent for this time of the year. The Retro Matte range are dry to a matte finish but at the same time seem to add a bit of moisture underneath and make the lips look a bit less rough. They are long lasting.

And last but not least a brand new favourite:

Instant Light Natural Lip Balm Perfector by CLARINS (06 rosewood)

I purchased this lip balm a week ago and honestly I haven’t stopped using it ever since! It just glides on the lips and makes them look so effortlessly plump and smooth. The ideal lip balm for an au-naturel barely-there effect! I also liked the new packaging! Well done Clarins!

There you have it. Our top five for this autumn!

Till next week…