This category of skincare is relatively recent and it has somewhat taken the place of a toner. Traditionally toners were used to remove the leftovers from cold cream (cleanser)and it was quite crucial to do so! But with new technologically advanced cleansers, there’s really no need to remove any leftover traces with a toner because there are no traces left. This opened the door to mists, which is essentially a toner with (hopefully) no alcohol and in a spray bottle.

  The reason I love mists so much and honestly couldn’t do my routine without them is because they provide a wet surface before I moisturize, and that’s important because it thins out the cream and it allows it to spread further. Imagine if you apply cream on dry skin, then you will realize that most of it was absorbed where you initially applied it. Trying to spread it everywhere is harder because it would have already sunk in, so you either end up not having enough moisturizer everywhere or have to apply more. This means you are using double the amount of your expensive cream.

There are so many fancy mists on the market nowadays, which promise to do miracles to your skin, and some do, but remember, mists are also a sensory pleasure so you have to love the smell as well as the ingredients.

Here are my favorites, each for different reasons.  Also note that mists make a great luxurious gift, as they are something most people don’t have in their routine because they’re not essential, but everybody wants them! As the online beauty community rightly puts it, it’s a princess product!

The “Simple” Mist

Pure organic rose water and/or orange blossom water is the most beautifully simple yet effective mist you could ever get. I personally stock up when I visit Cyprus, as lots of my grandma’s friends make their own from their gardens and gift her some bottles So if you are able to access fresh homemade floral water, please do! Otherwise, travel to Agros to purchase some, as they famously produce the best rosewater in Cyprus there. Alternatively I like the MV organics rose hydrating mist.

The “Wake Me Up” Mist

Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator. I love its zingy, minty, fresh smell, and I prefer using it in the mornings or during the warmer months. I can’t afford to buy it back to back so I save it for summer, but I would have it year round if I could. Amazing product, incredible herbal smell, comes in 3 different sizes, what else could you ask for?

The “Get Me To Bed” Mist

What else could it be in this category other than May Lindstrom? It’s her legendary relaxing Jasmine Garden, and it smells just like the name suggests. “Romance your spirit with the gentle sensory experience of a lush botanical garden in the tropics, somewhere near a field of cocoa beans bathed in warm rain”.

The “I’m On Budget” Mist

It doesn’t have to be expensive, I promise. A great example of an affordable mist is the Evolve Daily Defence Moisture Mist. It combines rose and bitter orange flower waters, with active ingredients such as moringa peptides, prickly pear oil and hyaluronic acid. Divine!

Hope you enjoyed this, now mist away!

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