Banner Image: ‘NI-interiors’, office renovation in Limassol

Have you ever thought of how your space would change if you added:

  • An olive green couch
  • A couple of glazed mint-coloured vases
  • Some peacock-green candle pots
  • A couple of earthy green pillows
  • One impressive moss wall
  • A seaweed coloured poof
  • Plenty of plants in emerald green

It is quite a sight what the above little interior design ‘recipe’ can do to your space. It can upgrade it and most importantly, make you feel within nature therefore, calm and relaxed.

Below are some beautiful earthy ideas:

If you feel that your home needs a breath of fresh air or if you like eco style in general, then I would urge you to start looking at unused corners of your sitting area or any area, and begin to consider introducing some indoor greenery. The first thing to do, is examine the type of indoor plant that will work best for you in terms of maintenance and watering. You can check with your gardener. Even though I’m not a big fan of artificial plants, there are tricks to make them look impressive if their three-dimensional form, size and textures are as close as possible to reality.

'NI-interiors’, office renovation in Limassol

‘NI-interiors’, office renovation in Limassol

Have you heard of moss walls? A moss wall, interestingly, is also called a green wall and it is real but preserved plants that do not require water or soil. They live with natural humidity and as we know, in Cyprus we’ve got plenty of it! Think of creating a green wall in your home or office, it looks stunning!

Adding touches of greenery to our homes instantly creates a calming and grounded ambience, connecting us to the natural world from the comfort of our couch. One of the warmest and elegant colors you can have on your couch is olive green. This serene shade of green, feels cosy in Winter and invigorating in Summer. Elegant and trendy in the design world at the moment, it can be paired easily with a range of colors like beige, brown, peach, light grey or any other tone of green. This earthy hue can be matched with trendy home décor like  floral pillows, or if something more calm is prefered, just plain beige.

This ambience can be continued if one or two poofs are added into the sitting area composition. Depending on the exact couch color, several tones of green, seaweed, mustard or  olive shade can be used on a poof. Be inspired by the ones below!

Last but definitely not least, what plays an important role in the composition of such an area are the items we choose to add. A couple of glazed mint-coloured vases, or some peacock-green candle pots will surely complete the coffee tables, side tables or buffet.

Nicole Ioannides x