There is an old story that teaches us how rewarding it can be when we overcome obstacles. It talks about a wise King, who places a big rock in the middle of the main road in his kingdom.

To the king’s surprise, everyone who walks by goes around it. No one shows an interest in moving it.  However, after several by-passers, a poor peasant comes along. He walks over to the rock and tries to push it off the road. At first, it doesn’t move. He tries and struggles until he finally moves it. As he slowly pushes it to the side, he notices a bag on the road where the rock had been. He opens the bag and pulls out gold! Jumping for joy he sees a note tied to the bag which was written by the king,

“This is the reward to anyone who moves the rock.”

Moral of the story: Every obstacle can be an opportunity in disguise. Career wise or when striving to create something, the bigger the obstacle the greater the reward. I don’t know if every struggle is of great monetary value, but for me, the most rewarding aspect of it all is the type of person you will become in the process.

So next time you find difficulties whilst working on your new project, changing your career or launching a new company, know this:

 At the end of your struggle, you will either be rewarded handsomely, or you will become stronger and more patient.

Using the words of the wise and inspiring Nelson Mandela: “You either win or learn”

Now, what’s the rock in your path and are you willing to move it?