How many times have you started something and never finished it? Or how many projects of yours reside in the back of your mind and remain half done?

This common social behavior is perfectly fine, however when done repeatedly and frequently can cause you distress. Starting a new project can be exhilarating. Similarly, to falling in love, our hearts rush faster, everything about the project excites us and we have an abundance of energy towards it! However, what happens when the first obstacles of this “relationship” occur? Do you push through and get over the finishing line? Or, do you, like most people, leave it unfinished?

How to avoid getting stuck:

  1. Become aware. Try remembering all projects that you’ve left unfinished. Write down why you started and what made you stop. Do you see any similarities that can be tackled?
  2. Do more research. This will help you identify potential obstacles and prepare you for what lies ahead. However, do NOT let research become a new way to procrastinate!
  3. Use a time-line. Try to stick to the steps you outline in the beginning. Adding a structural time frame can really help!
  4. As always, find your why. The main reason you are starting this project should be strong enough to motivate you when small issues arise.
  5. Stop being a perfectionist! Trying to get it perfect can lead us to delaying our work therefore increasing frustration. This can only lead to one result: Leaving it unfinished, again.

“Think of those who, not by fault of inconsistency but by lack of effort, are too unstable to live as

they wish, but only live as they have begun.” Seneca, Roman Philosopher.

When something is just not working, you should not try over and over again just because you started it. However, there is a HUGE difference in quitting and not finding any solutions after you’ve examined all aspects.

Hope you finish at least one unfinished project this year!