There’s this saying that when it comes to age, “a gentleman never asks and a lady never tells.” But because I’m turning 40 next week, I’ve decided to tell and it feels exhilarating, ok ok, until I’m a bit older and  start lying about my age like my yiayia (grandma in Greek). Time goes by so slowly for those who wait, sings Madonna, but for those who don’t wait, it flies by and you are left asking the same question as every adult out there, why does time go by so quickly?

I thought I’d take a pause here and pay attention to this stage of my life. I guess this has something to do with my experiences so far. I couldn’t agree more with researchers who describe this stage as the new “rush hour of life.” Boy do they hit the nail on the head! It is at this age where you are at your busiest, your most productive, it’s this stage when your career and child-rearing collide, it’s at this stage that you are bursting with creativity and zest for living, it’s at this stage you value yourself and the importance of your being. I think that as you grow older you become more sure of yourself and you are more determined to try and make your dreams come true.

I don’t know whether other people of my age were able to comprehend  the main events or milestones of their previous 2 decades, I  feel as if my younger years were swept away  on a roller coaster. Early 20s saw me as a party animal, mid 20s I was the ‘bride in waiting’ for THE   proposal, followed by wedding, perfect honeymoon and by 27 first baby boomed into our lives! In my early 30s I moved into my freshly minted home, trying to find the right balance between juggling my growing family with work, strived to be as good a wife and mum as I could, met a whole new circle of friends through the children which has resulted in a very active social life ever since. My late 30’s found me finally plucking up the courage to launch WMC after 2 years of procrastination.

The old adage, ‘never put off tomorrow what you can do today’ is so apt. If you don’t plan your time effectively you just tend to keep doing the things that prevent you from what you want to do and before you know it another year has whizzed by. There are times when I have reflected and wished I could press the rewind button. I wish I had done some things differently. I wish I had been bolder, braver, more adventurous and not allowed uncertainty to control my mind set. The good thing is that the ‘what ifs’ fade at this age because we are confident enough  to shrug our shoulders and say  what is done is done and cannot be undone  – so move on don’t’ dwell.

I read somewhere that the age of 40 is a transition period in our lives, it is the stage where we face a crossroad where we have 2 choices – we either move out of our comfort zone, get busy living and embracing what’s to come or we simply stay put and be the receiver of whatever is there and just let the next decade slip by unnoticed, unannounced and unobtrusively. That is why I am going to live life to the fullest this decade because in ten years from now, I don’t want to end up being a couch potato wondering why life has passed me by   and let’s be honest, we are unsure how much time we have to live. 

My modelling experience! Did that too!

I thought that a good way of embracing my 40th year is to recognize the things that a 40-year old woman realizes when she hits this milestone. Yes, I always saw 40 as being old when I was younger, but now that I’ve reached this age, it feels like it is just a number and let’s not forget that a number is just a number, it’s how you feel that counts. So it’s the ‘how you feel’ part that has to be honed. I would like to share 40 things no one tells you about when turning 40 and truth be said, for every silver hair, there’s silver lining.


Your social circle gets smaller by choice – you become more selective


Grey hair is practically inevitable – on the upside you get to colour it with what you want


Your temperamental back becomes your daily enemy so start looking after number 1


Your values become non-negotiable because you’re you and you is the most important person in your life


Your embarrassment reflex turns off and about time


You don’t sweat the small stuff – there’s so much more out there that counts


Wrinkles blindside you. Ahh inevitable time lines that are testimonials of your existence


You’ll be amazed how easily you can walk away from bad relationships/ friendships.


Junk food hits you like a ton of bricks right where it hurts


Getting adequate sleep is a top priority.


Your fear of being alone subsides.


Your inhibitions wane.


A surprisingly small amount of alcohol produces a major hangover.


You get comfortable in your own skin.


You discover there’s a supplement for everything.


Your preference for experiences outweighs your desire for fancy things.


Your joints make noise for no discernible reason.


Losing weight is no longer a simple proposition.


People start coming to you for advice.


You suddenly have a dozen creams for different parts of your body.


You stop sourcing your style from celebrities.


People you know start dealing with serious health issues.


Glasses become a necessary evil.


You don’t care what people think of you


People start to assume you’re less competent.


Forgetfulness becomes a frequent issue.


Getting a physical starts to be a nerve-racking experience.


And every doctor’s appointment is loaded with new tests.


It’s easier to focus on the good.


When you bend down, there’s no guarantee you’ll get back up.


Your sex life slows down.


But the sex itself is better.


You no longer care that you don’t recognize the celebrities in magazines.


Keeping up appearances is no longer as important.


You’ve officially been upgraded to “Mrs” or “Mr.”


Easy workouts start giving you some major day-after pains.


Your friends start talking about career.


Your sense of urgency shifts.


Your priorities change.


3 pieces of fashion advice you learn

  • Don’t push a look that doesn’t feel like you
  • Always go with your gut
  • Never be swayed by a discount

Maria x