We have five senses, sight, smell, sound, taste and touch. Each one is very important. It is also normal to have one sense stronger than the rest. This for me is my sense of smell and it has always been super sensitive. I have even walked into restaurants before and walked straight back out again because I did not like the smell.

I think there is something very elegant about a woman not only looking good but smelling good too.

When it comes to me and my fragrances, there is a running joke; you can smell me before you see me. I love to smell good. I dread to think how much money I’ve spent on fragrances over the years.  I cannot leave the house without having sprayed my perfume; it is my finishing touch to feeling elegantly put together and finished. Fragrance is also very closely linked with memory; I used to buy a new perfume in every new country I visited so whenever I wear that fragrance, I remember those memories.


Whether you have a favourite perfume or not, there is a process called layering that can help intensify your smell of choice and also make it last longer without increasing the amount of perfume you use.

Fragrance layering is the process of applying fragranced products using the same scent. Once you master this, you can layer complimenting scents to create your own perfume blend but let’s leave that for another post.

With my favourite perfumes, I’ll buy (if it’s available as not all perfumes have the full range of products) its shower gel, the body lotion and the perfume. By combining these products, we can create a more intense, longer lasting, full body scent. Skilled perfumers alter the fragrance for each layering product so that when they are all combined, the fragrance harmoniously blends together.

Fragrance layering starts in the shower – not all perfumeries have a shower gel in the same fragrance line. However, if you know the underlying scent, for example rose, you can buy something very similar or within the same scent family, to enhance the follow on products.

Always moisturise – oily complexions retain fragrances for longer; on dryer skins fragrances dissipate at a much faster rate. In the winter months when skin is drier, it is important to moisturise before you spray your perfume. By using the body moisturiser in the same fragrance line, it gives our favourite perfume more complexity as well as longevity.

Apply on warmer parts of the body – By applying perfume to our pulse points and the warmer areas of the body, this allows for the fragrance to diffuse across the whole body. Apply on wrists, inside of elbows, on the neck, below the midriff area, behind the knees and on ankles and calves.

Don’t forget the hair – our hair holds fragrance tenaciously. Once you have applied perfume to your pulse points, lightly spray the perfume in the air above your head allowing it to fall.  Do not apply perfume directly to the hair unless it is specifically designed for this purpose. The alcohol content can really dry out the hair.

Don’t’ dab – once we have applied our favourite perfume, do not dab or rub your wrists together. This crushes the fragrance; the top notes will fade a lot faster and the fragrance will not last as long.

Buy the set – a lot of places for Christmas offer fragrances as part of a set with the shower gel and body lotion if it is available. The added bonus with this, is you often only pay for the fragrance and any additional products in the set are added in for free.

If you have any questions, please ask in the comments section below or DM.

Have a fabulous week!