Our perspective on various aspects in life is created by our past, the expectations of others, and our emotions. We unintentionally trap ourselves with incorrect perceptions. Much of this is habitual and challenging to change, but when altered can be liberating!

How to break free from your self-imposed limitations:

  1. Free yourself from the past. Hopefully, you’ve learned a lot of valuable lessons from your past. Some bad, some good. Avoid fearing things that may actually be good for you.
  • The past exists to serve you and for you to learn from it, not to guide you. Focus on today! 
  1. Take a media diet. The media is hardly about reality. It’s about viewer ratings. The media might be presenting facts, but the information isn’t the norm. It presents a narrow slice of the world and focuses mostly on the bad things to keep us programmed in that state of need.
  • Take a break from it! It’s toxic!


  1. Make decisions without concern for what others think. When you make certain decisions, you shouldn’t consider how your decision will be perceived by others. People admire and respect those that are willing to be real no matter what.


  1. Forget about trying to be perfect. Perfection is an unrealistic expectation. Life is about dealing with the imperfect. Your partner, boss, children, physique, health, finances, and the weather are consistently imperfect. Life is about managing the imperfections.
  2. Talk to an older relative that you respect. Those over a certain age have a unique perspective on life. Spend some time with an older relative and ask questions. Ask them how their thoughts and perspective on life has changed over the years.


  1. Watch younger children. Kids under the age of five are young enough not to care about what others think, but are old enough to have preferences. They are psychologically free. What would you do if you had the perspective of a 4-year old?


It helps if you regularly take a mental break from the world and assess your perspective. The challenge with enhancing your perspective about life is that you’re constantly “in” your life. When you’re in the middle of the forest, all you can see are trees. But the world also contains oceans, deserts, and mountains.


“When you truly don’t care what others think of you, you have reached a dangerously awesome level of freedom”