Summertime and easy living — you think? Until hair styling confronts heat and humidity.  High temperatures don’t exactly lend themselves to sleek and stylish hair, frizzy hair tends to be the result! Here in Cyprus, the heat has already hit us hard and humidity is all around, so what we need is easy summer styling!

Whether or not you have annoyingly shoulder length hair like myself, there are trendy solutions for us all. It’s so tempting to go for a chop chop but I’ve been desperately trying to outgrow the bob. This waiting game for my hair to drop below the shoulders frustrates me because it’s thin and it flicks up at the ends and looks like a nothing length but I’m being as patient as poss!

So instead hair style versus summer heat! Look at some inspo set of hairstyles that are not only simple to do, but will also hold up on the hottest of summer days. The red carpet was my inspiration so I’ve rounded up 10 of the easiest hot- weather celebrity hairstyles you’ll want to adopt throughout the summer. I know I’m going to all lengths to re vamp my mid length hair of blow dry frizz starting from now!

Jennifer Lopez’s slicked back lob:

When you don’t want to wear your hair up on super hot days, simply tucking it behind your ears can help you stay cool.

Lauren Conrad’s chunky top knot:

The slightly messy texture of the bun with its imperfections makes it look current and softens the overall look.

Ellie Fanning’s exposed bobby pins:

While bobby pins are the silent heroes of many of our best hairstyles, take a cue from Fanning and make the hairpin the focal point of your style

Sonam Kapoor’s twisted bun:

On either side of your head, roll back the strands along your hairline, adding more hair as your work your way backward, just like you do with a French braid. (Tuck in a few pins if you find the twists are heavy and tipping forward.) Wrap the two twists into an untidy bun and secure with pins and elastic. This style is not meant to look prim so don’t worry about any imperfections! This is my fav!

Stella Maxwell:

Spritz your hair with a wave spray and give it a good scrunch to add movement and texture. Then, pin the front pieces of your hair back with bobby pins. Yup, it’s that easy.

Lucy Hale’s French braids:

A foolproof way for keeping sweaty, greasy hair off your forehead and oh so summery!

Chrissy Teigen’s beachy waves:

Beachy waves are a classic summer beauty look, whether or not you’re anywhere near the water

Olivia Munn’s messy bun:

The beauty of Munn’s updo is that you can recreate it in five minutes flat, whether your hair is damp or dry. Don’t think too much about how you’re twisting your hair up to keep the look effortless.

Halle Berry’s retro ponytail:

If you’re bored of the same old high ponytail, take a piece from the tail and wrap it around the base. It’s an easy alteration that will make the everyday style feel fresh


Blake Lively’s pinned back waves:

When your last blowout is starting to feel stale, take the front pieces of your hair and twist them before pinning them back like Blake Lively did.