Who is George Hadjikyriacos, ‘Spectus’ –  interesting question?

Before meeting my brother in law, also known as George, I was under the very false impression that George ‘SPECTUS” was simply a wine merchant. After family get- to- gethers I started to realise he was so much more but I only truly got to know the man behind the label SPECTUS upon interviewing him. I soon discovered he was way more than that.  A major wine connoisseur, so very knowledgeable in his field, he very soon impressed me with his nurtured understanding, passion and love of his occupation. George is an inspirational wine educator.  His love of wine, combined with his educational grounding has made him a leading figure in the importing and promotion of fine wines, premium spirits and exquisite chocolates since 1997.


 George tell us, why SPECTUS?

The name SPECTUS is an acronymic which reflects the values of our company. Specialisation, Passion, Enthusiasm, Commitment, Training Uncompromising, Service.

Life before SPECTUS?

MBA with specialisation in Marketing from Cardiff Business School at the University of Wales. Before SPECTUS I had the opportunity to work with some of the biggest international companies in the wine & spirit world, something that helped me discover the magnificent world of fine wines, noble spirits and superior quality chocolates. During my 26 years of experience in the wine & spirits world. I received various very important professional qualifications and awards, which is something that makes me really proud.

What kind of market is Cyprus / who do you cater for?

Cyprus wine market is not developed and needs a lot of education. SPECTUS has exclusive cooperation with world renowned wine, spirit and chocolate producers. In addition to our two SPECTUS shops, in Limassol & Nicosia, we distribute part of our products portfolio to top hotels, selective restaurants, premium supermarkets, airport shops and cruise lines.

Do you adjust to constant charges? How?

This is a must. We are always on the lookout for new trends, trying to identify new customer needs in order to satisfy in a qualitative way.

Are people generally knowledgeable about wines?

Unfortunately, no! Despite the long history of Cyprus winemaking, people’s wine knowledge is limited, good level of knowledge is necessary for the creation of basic wine culture.

Are there stories behind wines and wineries – do you tell them?

Yes, there are lots of fascinating stories and I try to share these on every occasion and opportunity I get especially with people who appreciate the fine things in life.

How qualified are you?

From the beginning of my career, I was fortunate to be trained by top professionals in the industry.  I am truly thankful and privileged that I was given so many opportunities to be trained by the best trainers and educators in the wine and spirit world!

I feel blessed for the opportunities given to me as they’ve helped me gain professional recognition. I have a number of specialised qualifications and titles like, Master of Scotch Whisky, Ambassador of Scotch Malt Whisky, Commandeur d’Honneur du Bordeaux, Chevalier Du Tastevin-Burgundy, Chevalier du Champagne, Ambassadeur du Cognac, Master of Sherry Wine, Master of Port Wine, Jurade De Saint Emilion, Confrere Oenophile of Alsace wine brotherhood just to name a few.

List 5 important tips to be considered when choosing wine.

Quality, Quality, Quality, Quality and Value for money!

Now, ‘value for money’ is what differentiates SPECTUS from its competitors.

There is much more going behind the scenes. Tell us more.

 Using our accumulated knowledge and experience, SPECTUS offers to wine enthusiasts many other services such as, the SPECTUS wine school which offers introductory and specialised Seminars and Master Classes, Wine Trips to the most famous wine regions of the world, Winemaker Dinners, Gala Dinners, Wine Cellaring Services and many more.

Where do you go from here?

 We aim to establish and further develop SPECTUS’s qualitative position in the market by looking out for new opportunities, new cooperation’s with fine wine producers, expanding on our customer base and perhaps expanding by opening more SPECTUS shops once the market economic conditions become more favourable.

Life outside SPECTUS?

My work demands frequent business traveling and very long hours. Time after SPECTUS is becoming a luxury. For this reason, I enjoy and savour sharing quality time with my family and good friends.


Exploring your world George was a sincere honour and pleasure. Thank you!