When was the last time you took a walk in your nearest park or by the beach, had a picnic in the mountains, or just sat on a bench surrounded by trees? When you remember that time, do you remember how you felt? There is nothing like breathing in fresh air, away from all the stressors of everyday life.

Living in Limassol I am lucky enough to enjoy a walk next to the beach or drive up to the mountains all within 20 minutes’ distance of each other. You don’t need to take a weekend break but try once a week, to spend 30 minutes near nature, get in touch with the energy and calmness it provides and you will feel your stress levels go down.

Ideas on how to get in touch with nature:

  1. Once a week, go for a walk on the beach. The sound and smell of the ocean have respiratory and health benefits that will calm you down.
  2. Walk barefoot on grass or in dirt. Although this sounds peculiar, it makes you feel more connected to earth and creates a positive charge in both the body and the mind.
  3. Sit outside in the sun! Absorb vitamin D, but don’t forget your sunscreen!
  4. If you are lucky enough to have a garden, spend some time gardening or just staring at your flowers or plants. This will make you feel inner peace and grounded.

Nature is all around us and there are so many ways to reconnect with it. The key is to be 100% present and make a conscious decision to get back in touch with it!

Pause, de-stress and use this energy to live a fulfilling life!