In my opinion books make for the ideal holiday gift. On a practical level, they are the easiest shape to wrap (Team Rectangle!). More importantly, it’s a great gift to receive as it indicates that someone has scoured shelves, put time and effort into choosing something specifically for you  which makes it that much more meaningful.

Raise your hand if you’re a friend of the coffee table book. I certainly am. I can happily spend hours browsing the shelves at TASCHEN and Assouline, and I’m always on the hunt for a new tome to add to my collection.

Browsing through coffee table books are a great way to get inspired; I also love using them to decorate my home. Not only do they offer a glamourous dimension to any room but encourage conversation and it is a great way to pass your time. At the same time, they reveal the personality, taste and interests of their owner.  

Although we’re bombarded with home design and decor inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram daily, there is still something appealing about flipping through an oversized hard covered, beautiful, illustrated, coffee table book. Sipping your cup of something hot and taking in the glossy images, gives it an added touch of sophistication. 

Coffee table books have style and substance and make the prettiest presents. There’s truly something for everyone, no matter what their interests are.

That said, the whole “shelf scouring” process can be downright daunting, especially if you’re not keeping up with the New York Times Book Review section each week. Countless incredible books are available and I’m here to help you wade through the best offerings in recent years. There’s a book out there for every kind of personality, and every kind of friend.

Feast your eyes on these beautiful tomes, which can be found at Kyriakos Bookshop and give a great gift this year!

Kyriakos Bookshop 

Maria x