When you think spring makeup the first thing that comes to mind is glowing and dewy skin, bronzed cheeks, and shades of pretty pastels. The 2019 runways definitely had all the above along with pops of electric pink on the lips and lashes and metallic foiled lips but my most favourite trend for this season just has to be the “Glitter, Gloss and Shimmer”! The combination might sound a bit OTT but if you do it right then the result is mesmerizing.

When we say glossy look, most likely we think high-shine lips…well this season it’s time to re-think this idea, because 2019’s version of glossy makeup is about achieving an all-over glimmer. Don’t think you have to put aside your lip gloss; on the contrary you can use it simultaneously with other high-shine products like dewy highlighters and glaze-like eye products. The result is definitely a goddess-like glow which you will instantly love since it is extremely easy to create.

The idea for this kind of look is quite easy since it is all about placing a highlight anywhere you want to accentuate. Plus, you can use an array of multi-tasking products in every area you want to add da’ sparkle. Simply make sure your shine has a glossy finish, so ultimately you won’t be needing any of your powder-based highlighters or shadows.



“Get your most luminous look with this easy-to-apply liquid highlighter”.

Luminizing Lip Gloss by SHISEIDO

“This lip gloss creates full, defined lips with a rich luminosity and a delicate, refined radiance. It provides shine with an unprecedented level of brilliance, while maintaining a dewy, non-sticky feel”.


Eye Gloss Smudger by YSL

The non-sticky texture of this gloss offers premium shine and can be used on top of any eyeshadow to create a glossy top coat”.

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