Most people have tough routines where everything seems to be moving at full speed. Does this ring a bell? Do you take small steps of self-improvement or are you living the same day over and over again?

Not consciously thinking or reflecting on the things we did, or did not do can be harmful to our future. How do you measure the “success” of your actions? What do you think of on the 31st of December each year when you reflect? How do you go about your goals? When speaking about goals I mean being dedicated and focused on specific steps you’ve previously identified, towards your better future.

Change your future by living each day in a way that changes it:

  1. Consider your average weekday, minus the unexpected. What did you eat? Did you exercise? Did you call any friends or family members? Did you tell your close people that you love them? Did you learn anything new? Did you work on your goals?
  • Do the same “exercise” for your weekend.
  1. Now, try to imagine your future, what does it look like if it’s on repeat? 
  2. Taking a small step each day will lead to big results in the future. What would you feel and how would you look like in 1 year if you exercised 10 minutes a day? How many things could you have learned, if you spent 30 minutes a day researching or reading a book about something that interests you?
  3. All relationships need work. Take 5 minutes to call someone close to you. Take no one for granted. Yes, we all have that friend who, even though its been 6 months since you last spoke to them, it feels like yesterday when you see them.

However, some relationships need cultivating therefore it’s important to give attention to both your family and friends.

  1. Do something you set your mind to. In the picture I had just taken a dive in the Atlantic Ocean whilst visiting France. Was it cold? You bet. But what is worth is? Absolutely!

So, considering the above, don’t dwell on things, just start by taking some steps towards that 1 idea you’ve had in your mind for so long. If it’s exercising you can do 10 minutes of sit ups/pushups before hitting the shower. If it’s a business related idea spend 30 minutes writing down a plan of action and as every plan needs, a proper time frame. But whatever it is you are thinking of doing, just do it!

Good luck! Make each day count and make each day different!