Don’t know about you, but I barely have time in the morning to get dressed and down a cup of coffee, let alone bring out the straightening iron and perfect my hair. Luckily, just as casual fashion is reigning supreme, lazy-gal hairstyles are are high up in the fashion stakes, and these five retro hair accessories are the chicest ways to feel done up with minimal effort. Since I’ve decided to finally let my hair grow (fingers crossed it will grow below the shoulders!) I’ve become open to all sorts of hair candy!  Here’s how to wear them the 2019 way:


Calling Blair Waldorf (Gossip Girl): It’s time for your return to power—at least when it comes to head gear. The modern version of the trend favors padded and embellished headbands over slim or dainty options. Basically, the bigger the better.

S C R U N C H I E S 

Remember the Sex and the City episode where Carrie mocks her boyfriend Berger for mentioning a scrunchie in his novel ? Well, Sorry Carrie Bradshaw, the It girls are rocking the scrunchie in every way possible. Who knew scrunchies would be amped up to feel so fancy? Satin, silk, velvet and other upscale fabrics help this retro hair tie look more grown-up. Simply use them in place of your basic black hair ties for instant glamour.




Perhaps the laziest way to jazz up your hairdo is with a bejewelled clip. Pin your strands back with a few pearl-embossed clasps and suddenly your third-day hair looks fabulously chic.

R I B B O N S  A N D  B O W S

There’s just something about bows that are ultra-feminine. It doesn’t matter if you like to fasten on a structured and pre-made version or if you prefer to tie a looser, more casual ribbon into your hair yourself. Just make sure it has a luxe finish like satin or velvet to keep it from looking too childish.

B O B B Y  P I N S

I love the way that these pins can actually be useful but at the same time incredibly stylish. Piling them on to add rock glamour to your look is effortless, easy and never out dated!