Ok I know this might sound somewhat bizarre but have you ever heard of rice water and more specifically used it on your hair? Yep, sounds bonkers, doesn’t it? Well that’s what I though the first time I heard about it but after doing my own little research and actually going ahead and trying it I completely understood why so many people use it!

So let’s just take things from the top. Rice water is not something new. It’s been around for centuries especially in Japan and China where it is believed that women had floor-length, healthy hair simply because they were bathing it in rice water. Although scientific evidence about the treatment is still inconclusive, people continue to use it until now because of all the benefits it has.

Rice grains contain about 75–80 percent starch subsequently rice water – what remains after soaking or cooking rice – is very starchy. And that is the treasure trove!  This water is jam-packed with vitamins B, C, E, amino acids and minerals, which promote skin cell growth, stimulate blood flow and apparently slow down the aging process (hmm…not yet convinced about this yet). As a result, regular use of rice water on the hair nourishes the follicles helping to strengthen it, stimulating its growth and giving it vitality. Fun fact: you can use any type of rice you like white, brown, basmati, or jasmine rice.


There’s few ways to make your very own rice water at home. I prefer to use the first!

Method 1 – Soaked Rice

Take a cup of uncooked rice, thoroughly rinsed and 2-3 glasses of water. Mix together and let it stand for approx. 30’. Strain the rice water into a clean bowl and there you have it – rice water ready for use! This is the quickest way to make it, especially if you are a busy person and don’t have much time.

Method 2 – Boiled Rice

Put a cup of uncooked rice in a pot and then add more water to it, more than usual. Boil the rice and wait until the rice is cooked. Strain the excess water in the glass. This water will be a highly concentrated cloudy liquid. Dilute before rinsing the hair. Usually the oilier the hair is, the lower the concentration should be.

Method 3 – Fermented Rice (My favourite)

Take 2 cups of rice and add 2 times more water to it. Leave the rice to soak for 24hr and then pour the water into a glass bottle. You will immediately realise the water has a distinct smell, don’t worry. That’s the fermentation procedure. You need to place it in the fridge though to preserve all the beneficial properties obtained during fermentation. What fermentation does is reduce the pH level of rice water turning it into a stronger but more effective liquid that needs to be diluted before use. Before applying to your hair add a cup of warm water as direct use is not recommended.

For all three methods I suggest spraying it on your hair, tying it back securely and leaving it on for about an hour before washing it off with a mild shampoo. This should be done once a week.

I have been using rice water for about 2 weeks now and honestly, I have seen a tremendous difference to my hair’s texture! They look and feel much smoother. As far as length is concerned I still can’t say so stay tuned for regular updates! 

Till next week…