I have always had a thing for hair and hairdressers. As a teenager, my pocket money was spent at the neighbourhood hairdressers for a blow dry. I agreed with VB’s thoughts before she voiced them out! (VB – Victoria Beckham) ‘in terms of daily hair care, if you want it groomed, quite a sleek look, like I do, you have to wash your hair everyday’ Ok, it wasn’t every day that I would turn up at my local hairdressers but I sure wanted to! Having fine hair and not a lot of it, I make sure I pamper it so it’s healthy, shiny and silky! Instead of face masks, I go for hair masks any day!

So, having filled you in on my hair obsession, you can understand how https://www.facebook.com/Art-U-Hair-House-1511642528906389/ , my go-to hairdressing salon, is my second home. My salon actually reminds me of the one in the film ‘Steel Magnolias’! Although not around the corner and actually quite big, we are all one big happy family! But that is another story for another article, at another time.

Hair updos! When you are like me and you know exactly what you want, it can be quite a challenge for your hairdresser, especially if you are aiming for effortless chic. I tend to leave my hair down when I have a social event because the updo I’m after usually never works to my liking. Saying that my recent chignon was the understated, the ‘I-did -it-myself’ one and I loved it! I am all for playing about with updos but I’m not in favour of the over –the- top look that smacks of ‘I’ve-been –to –the –hairdresser’ type. It goes without saying that the simpler you want it, the harder it is to achieve because to make it look simple there needs to be a lot of work behind it! If you think about it, the same applies for makeup! For me, the effortless look is the best!


To be honest, I had quite an experience recently! I knew that my hair had to be up for my sister’s wedding because my dress had a closed neckline but it wasn’t as easy as I thought due to the fact that my hair still remains short (refuses to grow) and it is fine (typical English hair). I went through the motions of adding a hairpiece, sticking a bun donut and trying out other tricks of the trade, even ordering an exquisite hair clip to camouflage my no- hair bun. But those who know me, and know me well, knew that I would not go through with any of the above. So, as always, it was Pinterest to the rescue with Art U Hair House completing the technical part.

Result- understated, simple and relaxed. Purrfect!!!!

I love these updos: