When your kid loves everything to do with Halloween, you can’t ignore it! First of all, if they are anything like my son, they won’t let you anyway! There might not be a single minute to think about it and absolutely no time in your busy agenda to plan and throw a big bash but if you smarten up your act and cut corners like me, everything is possible! 

I’m definitely not a cake baker, a master chef or a housewife with time on her hands but I managed to pull off a Halloween party for my son, pretty last minute, very quickly and to my surprise it was super successful! 

So, what to do if you are anything like me:

  1. Buy some real pumpkins to scatter around the house or to paint/carve.
  2. Get cheap deco from your nearest toyshop (in my case it was Jumbo) and just make everything look haunted with the cobweb trick. Basically, cover everything with it.
  3. Hand make your outfits! That’s what we did the night before!
  4. Buy ready-made deserts and give them spooky toppings.
  5. Organise some activities eg: apple bobbing and ball games
  6. Throw some pizzas in the oven!

At the end of the day it’s about bringing a little fun back into the house again and that’s exactly what we all need!

Maria x