Each of us have our own character, the type of person we are and the things we like can often be seen in our interiors! I have experienced spaces for the first time, where while walking around, I felt the aura of the person I was about to meet. This is why good designers aim to understand first and foremost the client’s inner world and then start designing their home. Christmas decorations have a lot to do with the above. A warm person who loves traditional elements will usually use the classic gold and red ornaments with warm white lights and a gold star at the top. A person who is into industrial style will keep it simple and easy, using mainly opaque colored ornaments, sometimes raw items, definitely not shiny, and will say ‘less is more’!

Let’s look into the five trend categories eliminated below – the images speak for themselves. Which one do you think you might relate to?


Love the sea and its world? Do you have decor or elements in your interiors that may reveal this? If you yes, why not design your Christmas decor following the concept you love! White and blue tones with a touch of gold, glossy or matte is what you need. Some wooden elements on a small scale would also match.


Minimal, opaque, smooth textures and snowy white Christmas trees. A bit of a ‘cold’ interior but this minimalism allows for a few golden accessories to be introduced. Below are a few:


Industrial style is all about achieving a raw, edgy style that looks unfinished, yet cohesive. Imagine a warehouse turned into a living room. It is a juxtaposition of rustic and contemporary, rough and cozy. Characteristics of industrial style are exposed metal surfaces, either black or silver. Wood, concrete and bricks are common materials to use as backgrounds (walls mainly). Vintage furniture is used and colors are kept warm, earthy and neutral, staying true to the nature of the materials.

People who are into industrial style are known for their lack of pretension, being very utilitarian and practical, who give big emphasis on salvaged objects and reclaimed furniture. This is where their Christmas decors apply too.


Here we are talking about lots of green mistletoe and warm white Christmas lights. Decorate your space like this to transform it into an elegant forest. Fresh, airy, warm and natural.

So which style best suits you?

Have a holly jolly trendy Christmas, MAKE IT the best time of the year! 

Thanks for reading.

Nicole Ioannides Varnava