Christmas and New Year’s Holidays are full of emotion, laughter and moments shared with your loved ones. Moments that should be enjoyed by each and every one of us. Below, there’s a wine category list to choose from, to elevate these moments into cosier and heart-warming occasions:

  1. Happiness is a glass full of bubbles:

As midnight approaches on December 31st, people all over the world will crack open a bottle (or two) of Champagne to accompany their very first toast of the year! And why wouldn’t they? Champagne is the drink most associated with celebration, special occasion and happy moments! As true romantics, it is expected that we use all of our lucky charms to enter the new year!

However, as champagne is a fairly pricy alcoholic beverage, it is comforting to know that we have other choices of excellent quality bubblies, affordable, yet very interesting. A nice bottle of Cremant or a stylish bottle of quality Prosecco, can do the job just fine!

  1. Light dessert wines for fruit cakes and vasilopita

Despite the full-on food randez-vous during these holidays we organise fun gatherings, accompanied by fruity and seasonal desserts such us Christmas puddings, Christmas cakes and the one and only Vasilopitta. Pair them with light, fruity, sweet wines. A great pairing is Moscato d’Asti, with its unique, refreshing acidity.

  1. A great big love – Amarone:

Just like Romeo and Juliet, Amarone comes from Verona, Veneto. Specifically, from Valpolicella. Christmas holidays are all about love! “Love lifts us up where we belong”, “Love is a temple, love is a higher law”, “Love will tear us apart” and an on-going list of the most famous songs ever written.

A typical Amarone looks like a precious ruby in colour, smells of ripe red fruits, and tastes like baked fruits, coffee and luscious chocolate. A wine that smells and tastes like love, is a must during the holidays.  Additionally, it compliments all Christmas dishes from turkey and duck, to roasted baby pork and of course souvla!

  1. Royalty wines:

Just as holidays pair well with food, the following 2 wines guarantee the maximum satisfaction of long-duration meals.

The legendary Hungarian Tokaji and the famous Sauternes from Bordeaux are what we say serious sweet wines made with tons of love, devotion and honesty, both fit for a king!

Pair them with creamy, full flavoured soups such us chestnut or mushroom. Perfect combinations for guilty delicacies such as foie gras, blue cheese and of course chocolate based desserts and Christmas puddings! Combinations worth dying for! 

  1. Great big reds – a must try on a special occasion meal:

On special occasions we tend to aim for special wines as well. Try tasting a well-matured, rounded, full-bodied red wine from Bordeaux. Bordelaise wines are wines much influenced by the terroir, the soil, the vintage variation, the type of grapes used, the yields, the age of of the vines, vinification techniques, vineyard management, the passion of the winemaker and many more factors. And these factors make the difference in the expression and taste of each one.

Burgundy is a wine region in central-eastern France built on centuries of winemaking tradition, producing wines listed as the most “aristocratic” and expensive ones of the world. The finesse of a great Burgundian Pinot Noir, will surely be a gem on your dinner table.

  1. Conversation piece:

Finish your meals with the most noble expression of grape – a fine cognac that warms your heart and soul. Aged in oak, for many many years, every congac has a story to tell behind it. Share it with people you love and adopt its characteristics to your lifestyle: elegance, patience and novelty!

See you next year 

Until then.. Strike for a glass half full !

Nicole x