People tend to argue over things that are really not worth arguing about! A lot of the things we say can be interpreted differently depending on who we talk to, agree?

When something bothers us, if communicated badly, can not only end up making the problem even bigger but hurting a person’s feelings. What’s worse is the matter undertakes a level of confusion, with people not even realizing what they are doing wrong.

Another element that adds to confusion is our emotional management. Without emotional management, we bottle up our feelings and then explode. If something has been bothering you for a long time and you don’t let that person know, I honestly believe it’s your own fault. The moment we realize something is not to our liking, we should either accept it and change our attitude towards it, OR confront it as soon as possible avoiding future explosions!

How to avoid misunderstandings:

  1. Be specific and clear when communicating. Leave nothing to interpretation and explain what is bothering you THOROUGHLY.
  2. Don’t rush to conclusions. It is much wiser thinking about what someone said or did in your own quiet time when you are calmer.
  3. Avoid making decisions when angry. Impulsiveness can be a great thing, but not when it comes to decision making especially when angry or frustrated.
  4. Be open to criticism. We often tend to see life from our spectrum without consideration of the other person’s point of view and this leads me to my next point…
  5. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes. Even if your ego is giving you a hard time, always try to see the other person’s perspective.
  6. Don’t assume someone just “gets you”, or should “get you”. If you don’t explain what is bothering you, how can you expect the other person to know?

Human relationships are so fragile, so if we communicate with each other with no fear or worry of what the outcome may be, our relationships will definitely be better. After all, you want relationships in your life to be true, real and not hanging by a thread.

Fotis x