First dates are probably one the most nerve-wrecking things in life. Thoughts such as “Will we hit it off?”  ‘What do I do if there’s nothing to discuss?” “What should I wear?” come immediately to mind and truth is, even though there’s nothing you can do to answer the first two questions, you can actually plan what you’re going to wear at least.

Choosing clothes for an important event IS a big deal, since I believe on first impressions. It could take me ages to find an outfit that I’d find appropriate, but let me get this clear: I don’t care if my clothes cost 3000 euros or 25 cents, as long as the energy when I wear these clothes shouts “effortless confidence”.  How I feel in my own skin is what matters the most, and right now, after some successful and some more unsuccessful first dates, I’ve finally nailed the outfit formulas that meet at the intersection of personal style, mood, lifestyle, and occasion.  

 Outfit #1:  The after-work special:

The Formula: Shirtdress + Fun Shoes

Why It Works: If you have a date planned during the workweek and you know you won’t have time to change in between (which is basically the story of my life), go for the classic shirt-dress. Change your sneakers with a pair of bright, edgy shoes and wear your red lipstick. If it feels too stuffy, undo a button – but don’t overdo it!  Throw on a blazer or a leather jacket and you’ve got this, girl! 

Outfit #2: The Classic Chameleon:

The Formula: A Dressy Blouse + Relaxed Jeans + Midi Heels 

Why It Works: This look is what I call “When in doubt, go chameleon”. It’s ideal for girls who live in their jeans but want to spice things up a little. If this is the case, wear your jeans but choose a wrap top or generally a more formal material like silk or velvet to “dress it up”. Then add a shoe with a low heel to strike the balance between comfort and elegance. This look is elegant, yet super comfy, and it never disappoints you. It’s simply effortless!  

Outfit #3: The Sporty Romance:

The Formula: Flowy Midi Dress + Sneakers

Why It Works: Just throw a lightweight midi dress on and match it with your favourite sneakers. This outfit formula seems to get the most compliments even though it really is the effortless of them all! If your date is a bit more formal than this, choose strappy sandals instead of sneakers and throw a blazer on your shoulders. Still effortless and still working!

Outfit #4: The Sexy Slip Dress:

The Formula: Slip dress + high heels

Why It Works: Please have in mind that the place and time should be appropriate for this look, so don’t go out dressed like this to Starbucks on a Tuesday morning. If you’re in the mood for a slightly sexier outfit, pick the colour and outfit that brings out the sexy diva in you! Choose your favourite slip dress and match it with your favourite pair of high heels. Try not to over-show skin since it tends to make the outfit look a bit less elegant than what you’d like. Match the outfit with your favourite lipstick and get ready for a jaw-dropping first impression.

I read somewhere that “Clothes themselves don’t have a particular meaning until they’re worn by somebody.” So, basically, you shouldn’t even try to put up a show when it comes to first dates! Dress to reflect your personality, and feel the most comfortable and confident version of you and trust me, it will be a winner look!

Good luck!