If you know me, you probably know that I have a thing for sunglasses. I mean, I’ve been picking out my sunglasses since I was 12 years old. 

Having about 40 pairs of sunglasses in my collection and absolutely no savings in my bank account, I’ve decided to have a main pair of sunglasses in my bag that will actually look good on me! This way I can save my vast collectables for my moody/ shady-diva/ I-don’t-care-how-I-look-like days. 

Picking this “main” pair of sunglasses is not easy. You have to consider your style, skin tone and of course, face shape. However, sunglasses is a must item for all men and women and I’m here to help you choose the right sunglasses based on your face shape. 

  1. Square: A square face has more angular lines with equally wide cheekbones, forehead and jaw. So, if you’re shopping for sunglasses for a square face, aim for curved sunglasses designs that are wider. These will help soften the sharp angles and balance your cheekbones. If you want to go a bit bolder, give cat-eye shades a try!
  2. Round: A round face has softer angles with slighter wider cheekbones and an equally wider forehead and jaw. With round faces, the cheeks are usually full and the chin is rounded with very few angles. If you’re shopping for sunglasses for a round face, you should go for rectangular, D-frame, or squared-off-cat-eye sunnies!
  3. Heart: A heart face is widest at the forehead and gradually narrows through to the jaw. If you’re shopping for sunglasses for a heart shaped face, you should find frames that have a deep base and subtle wingtips that are slightly wider than your forehead. Aviators and D-frame sunnies are the  best options for you.  
  4. Triangular: A triangular face is widest at the jaw and gradually narrows through to the forehead. If you’re looking for sunglasses for a triangular face, you should try to balance your features with frames that are the complete opposite in structure; look for sunnies that are widest at the top and narrowest at the bottom, like cat-eye sunglasses or D-frame shapes. Choose frames with a wider or bolder brow line to draw attention away from your jawline and elongate your forehead.   
  5. Oval: An oval face is the most versatile to fit, with slightly wider cheekbones and a gentle narrowing at the forehead and jaw. If you’re shopping for sunglasses for an oval face, you’re honestly the luckiest! Oval faces fit almost all frames in the market, but don’t get too comfortable. You should always have in mind that you need to emphasize the natural balance of your face and add angles to your soft curves. Be bold with a pair of fierce cat-eye sunnies, or be edgy with an extreme pair of aviators. On the other hand, if you want to keep it classic, look for some D-frame sunnies.  

Expensive, cheap or borrowed, sunglasses are always in fashion. I hope I helped you find the perfect main pair of sunglasses. 

I know I did!