I don’t stay at hotels often, but when I do, I make sure to make the most of the hotel’s breakfast buffet. I wake up on time, get ready and hit the dining room the right way.

Here are some tips for you to do the same.

  1. Go fresh:

If there is an egg station, you should seriously consider developing a craving for omelettes, scrambled eggs and poached eggs. Yes, all three! Your food will be fresh and customized as you want.

  1. Go regional:

Trying  local food of the place you’re visiting is definitely a must do; even if you’re only a few miles away from your hometown. When the opportunity to eat area-specific cuisine presents itself, grab it and enjoy it in all matters, because isn’t travel all about new and local experiences?

  1. Go DIY:

Grab the eggs, the sausage, the cheese and the jam and create a croissantwich.  Get the cream cheese, the smoked salmon and some cucumber and make a sandwich. Alternatively, how do you feel about a single-serving packet of peanut butter squeezed onto toast, topped with sliced banana and drizzled with honey from the tea area? Or what about a waffle sandwich? (Damn it, I’m hungry again!)

  1. Go chocolate(y).

If you’re a chocolate lover like me, your hotel’s breakfast buffet is the place to be for you. Take advantage of the fresh chocolate croissants, crepes and waffles and dive into a “Charlie and the chocolate factory” fantasy of yours. Put all the chocolate-y foods on a different plate so you can enjoy them as a desert

  1. Go guilt-free.

Even if you’ve been starving yourself to fit that bikini for the past 2 weeks there’s no need to feel guilty for over-eating during your holidays. Allow yourself to have a guilt free meal, or maybe five (!), because, what’s the harm really? You’ll get back on track when the holidays will be over and you’ll go back to preparing your overnight oats and eating green for the rest of your life. Just relax these few days and enjoy the buffet; you really are worth it!

I hope I helped.

Enjoy your meal!