Every year I spend months counting down the days until it’s socially acceptable to do those Christmas activities that I love! Shopping for fun gifts until my Visa card reach its limit, baking cookies (okay that’s more like watching my mum baking cookies for me), making mulled wine (I can do that by myself I swear!), playing cards with my cousins and generally getting into the Christmas spirit in every way possible.

I absolutely love Christmas! Everything around is super pretty, there’s glitter and lights everywhere and it’s the perfect excuse for friends or family gatherings!  I mean, even I love family gatherings during Christmas, and trust me; under any other circumstances I’d do anything to avoid them! On Christmas Eve my mum hosts a family dinner, and thank God, my friends are invited too! The party is on by 21:00 and if you like a little freshness mixed in with your holidays, just like me, keep reading to find out what sort of new activities you can add to your celebrations!

Do some cooking:

I totally get it if you’re not into cooking, but honestly if there’s one day that it’s worth giving it a try, it’s Christmas Eve (you still have time)! Help your mum with the dinner’s preparations or call your bestie and try to create something together! Find a recipe online and try to bake some ultra-festive cookies with chocolate and rum, take some photos together and see how Christmas Eve feels like Christmas after all!

Make the booze festive:

It’s Christmas Eve for God’s sake; you’re allowed to drink until you drop! (Well, unless you’re driving, of course!) Make the season a little merrier with some homemade mulled wine or mulled cider, or simply grab the Zivania bottle from your fridge (I’m sure there’s one), add some honey and make some hot shot of Zivanomelo for everyone.

They’ll start singing in no time – what’s more Christmassy than that?

Upgrade your list with games:

I love playing cards on Christmas Eve but many people get bored quite easily! Make the gathering a real hit by playing fun games that involve everyone! Here are some ideas:

  • Guess the ornament: Pull a Santa hat down over the contestant’s eyes and have them guess the shape of a Christmas ornament by feeling it. Use some candy canes, Santa figurines and snowmen, and see how fun this can turn out to be! Fun tip: the contestant drinks a shot for every wrong answer!

  • Sing along: It’s not Christmas Eve if Mariah Carrey is not in the picture! Divide your guests into two groups. The first group starts singing a Christmas song (….and that’s where Mariah’s “All I want for Christmas” goes)! They have to stop singing in 15 seconds. Then the second group has to continue singing for another 15 seconds. The ones who doesn’t know the lyrics of the song are the losers! Fun tip: the winner gets to choose a humiliating punishment for the losers!


  • Heads up: My favourite – I saw it on Ellen’s show and I loved it! Write some Christmas related words on a piece of paper and put them on the contestants’ forehead. The contestant won’t be able to see the word, so another contestant has to explain the word to him. If he doesn’t guess the word correctly, he loses. Fun tip: I’d try not to say that the loser drinks a shot but I couldn’t resist! Shots shots shots for the losers!!!

I love Christmas for many reasons, but these genuine, happy moments with friends and family are my favourite!  I hope I helped make your Christmas Eve super fun!

Happy holidays!