If you hate digging through your bag and not being able to find what you’re looking for, this article is for you. Personally, I want everything to be in its own place because it helps me find all the stuff I need especially when I’m in a hurry (which is basically always) – it’s stressful, it’s frustrating and it’s definitely annoying to say the least.

My everyday bag is literally the size of a proper travelling bag. I always pick the biggest black tote bags on the market, even though I’m totally aware of the latest fashion trends with all these super-tiny-must-have-bags that all fashion bloggers seem to love so much. I mean, honestly, I can’t even put my lipstick in these miniature sized things!

My tote bags are huge for practical reasons. I mean, what if my phone battery dies in the middle of the day and my charger is not in my bag? What if my face gets oily and I don’t have my powder with me? Honestly, how can anyone leave the house without the basics in their bag?! 

I keep my bag equipped and organised at all times, so here are my tips on how to keep things in order: 

  1. Buy some pouches:Personally, I use my old makeup bags in order to organise all my stuff. That’s because I have tons of them, their fabric is really soft and I’ve got lots of colours so I can easily tell what is inside each one. If you don’t have any pouches at home, there are billions to choose from online or at any shop near you.  
  2. Separate your stuff by category:Since I’m a huge fan of pouches, I have at least three in my everyday bag and at least two really small ones in my smaller bags. I categorise my things based on their type, this way my bag is always neat and tidy.

Here is how I categorise my belongings:

  • Pouch number one – The Electronics Pouch: I’m always on my phone, so I wouldn’t risk spending the day with a dead battery! This pouch is definitely a must and it contains the following: 
  1. hands-free
  2. my mobile charger (since I don’t have a power bank)
  3. a USB (you know, just in case)
  • Pouch number two – The Toiletry Pouch: I usually have really long days at work, so I always have a pouch with mini versions of toiletry items that I use regularly. It contains:
  1. deodorant
  2. wipes
  3. a small hand cream
  4. hygiene products
  5. painkillers

  • Pouch number three – The Makeup pouch: If you know me, you just KNOW that I can’t leave the house without it. I always have a small makeup pouch with the basics in my bag that I use every day in my car to make myself presentable at work. I decided to fill this pouch with affordable products that I can renew easily, and leave the more expensive ones at home, so I’ll give you the brand names in case you want to get an idea. It contains:
  1. a powdery foundation (Shiseido UV Protective Compact Foundation )
  2. a concealer (Avon liquid concealer)
  3. a brow clear mascara (Body Shop Brow and Lash Gel)
  4. a black lash mascara (Maybelline New York Mascara)
  5. a bronzer (NYX Matte Bronzer)
  6. and a nude lipstick (MAC matte lipstick MEHR)
  7. Any extras go in the bag’s pockets: For God’s sake, don’t just throw your hair clips and extra coins in your bag. Use the bag’s pockets to put anything that doesn’t fit in your pouches and keep everything in specific places. This will make life easier when looking for your keys, your phone or some coins!
  1. Clean out the junk at the end of the day:  The most important part and probably the hardest part of having an organised bag is keeping it that way. I know that some days are super crazy and you barely have time to shower, but cleaning out the junk of your bag will take 2 minutes maximum, really! Commit to taking any stray receipts, trash or wrappers that may have been found in your bag throughout the day, and throw them away. If you do this every night, your bag will be neat and tidy at all times, I promise!

I know that being organised can be extremely difficult for some, so I really hope that I helped even a bit!