I am one of those people who overestimate their ability and literally always have no time: I always start late and finish waaaay later than expected.  Although I’ve totally accepted the fact that I’m always late, there are certain cases like catching a plane where being late is not an option, so I have to be quick, effective and on time. No wonder why I always get super panicked the day before my flight, trying to figure out how on Earth I could squeeze all my clothes into just one luggage bag.

I mean, a girl needs to have options, right?  …But how many options can fit in this tiny, little thing?

…and that’s my breaking point usually – I cry, I take everything out from my closet, I make my room a M-E-S-S and I just shout at my mum because, you know… she’s my mum!

If this situation rings a bell to you, just keep on reading.  It might have taken me five years to figure out how to pack like a pro, but I freaking did it!

  1. Write everything down: I don’t care if your memory is great or not: just write everything down. Get yourself a pen and paper and write where you’re planning to go, what the deal is with the weather, what you need to take with you and how smart or athletic you want to look on this trip. Having it all written down gives you an overview and makes it easier for you to be organised. 


  1. Do your laundry: I know it sounds stupid, but trust me, it’s not! If you want to have your favourite jeans with you on this trip, make sure they’re clean and ready to be packed! This is exactly why writing everything down is vital – if you had it written down, you’d know that you shouldn’t have worn your little black dress the night before your flight (another example)!
  2. Get yourself some packing cubes: In one of my many attempts to find a solution on how to squeeze a billion t-shirts and all my makeup in my luggage, I found out about packing cubes. Some people call them “space bags” or “compression bags”; whatever the name, I swear to God, they’re problem solvers! You can find them on Amazon, and they’re really cute and cheap. I’ve done my research and I’m giving you my favorites:
  1. Organise your tote bag: Your tote bag is everything! Long flights could be a living hell if your tote bag is not fully equipped. Your bag needs to be average size, colour coordinated with all your outfits (in this case, I always choose nude or black) and it should always contain:
  • Wallet;
  • Medication;
  • Phone/ Tablet and headphones;
  • Phone charger;
  • All the necessary documents for your trip;
  • A small collection of toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, facial wipes and a very small antiseptic gel) and
  • A small collection of makeup (SPF, mascara, lip gloss, and bronzer)
  • Book

Girls, please have in mind that you’re the ones carrying this bag, so don’t get too excited!

  1. Two is the magic number: When it comes to heavy items, you should always have in mind the magic number Limit yourself to two pairs of shoes, two bags and two jackets. Practicality is the key and don’t worry; you can always wear the heavier items on the plane!


  1. Don’t pack “just in case” options: I know what “just in case” means – been there, done that, not good! You don’t need the dress you haven’t worn in two years on this trip and NO, you don’t need three extra jackets with you… “just in case”!

  1. Rolling instead of folding: That’s a tip that my best friend taught me, and it actually works! Apparently, rolling your clothes minimizes wrinkles and maximizes the space in your luggage. Rolling works really well with pants, skirts, and t-shirts. Lay the item face down, fold back the sleeves, and then roll from the bottom up.  Piece of cake!  

I know that packing can be a real headache sometimes and it really shouldn’t be.  If you forget something you can simply buy it at your destination – okay that doesn’t count for passports or visa cards, but don’t get stressed if you forget your clutch bag; you deserve a new one!