We all have these moments, days, weeks. I mean, I definitely do! I might get out of bed thinking that it’s going to be an amazing day and then (BOOM!), my mood changes in seconds. It could be an ugly thought, regret or stress that strikes; whatever the reason when I’m in a bad mood I don’t like it.  Saying that I have been down in the dumps lately and all I can think about is how depressed I am.

If you can relate with me, I have some news for you! When negative thoughts hit you, you actually have the power to change how you feel. Did you know that?

Our thoughts have a snowball effect; which means that if we start thinking negative thoughts, it will naturally lead to more of the same. So, when the bad mood hits, what we need to do is to consciously choose to redirect our thoughts and perspective to a positive one.  We also need to get our butts off the couch and do something that we love (I really should start taking my own advice). Spend time doing things that will make us feel content and genuinely happy.

Here are some easy, holistic cures designed to help you to snap out of a bad mood:

  1. Walk it off:

Well, I’d say run it off, but (who am I fooling?) Savvidou doesn’t run! A simple walk is a proven way to release stress and get those endorphins flowing. Keep walking until the bad mood goes away. Keep a steady pace and don’t do anything than walk and notice the world. The plot gets even better if you have a dog to keep you company, too! 

  1. Get pretty:

I don’t know if it’s just me, but makeup can affect more than the way we look – it truly can change the way we feel inside. Applying makeup is a lot like painting and acts as a form of therapy, making you feel tranquil and calm after. Feeling good about your looks can give you confidence, whilst beauty routines can also provide a creative, fun outlet for self-expression that can lift you up when you’re feeling down.

  1. Turn the music on:

Music is an amazing thing. It’s not only able to affect your mood; listening to music can even change the way you perceive the world. A good song can change the vibe in seconds, so turn on a song that makes you feel good, and dance the bad mood away.

  1. Take up a hobby:

Having something that stops the clock and takes your mind off of things can be very helpful when you’re feeling blue. Pick up your favourite hobby and get creative. Try out a new recipe, read your favourite book, or paint something. No matter what it is, having a hobby that, just by doing it, takes your mind off of things and makes you happy is key.

  1. Call your best friend:

When you’re feeling like sh*, call your best friend to lift up your spirit. You don’t even have to talk if you’re not in the mood. Their presence will automatically make you feel better and make you snap out of your bad mood in seconds.

None of what I am sharing here is rocket science, but these are the small things that you should do for you! The more you take time out for all the small pleasures in life, the happier you will be.  Train your mind to think positively and wipe the negative thoughts away.

Basically, just snap out of it!