(my current style Crush)

Young, impossibly tall, slim and someone whom you might pass by, take a second look, a third look and conclude that she has to be somebody, is none other than Julia Pelipas; a stylish standout for many. The Fashion Director of Vogue Ukraine says her style is all ‘about mixing classic and minimal pieces with one really directional item, kind of like finding the perfect frame for a work of art.’

Looking through images of her over the past couple of months she knows what works on her and sticks to it. She plays with proportion, choosing oversized items and often pairing them with something else slim (lots of turtlenecks and blazers). She favours statement earrings, easy sleek hair and big sunglasses. Even though she has access to the best clothes out there, (her favourite I think being Celine) she sticks to a narrow field of aesthetic vision and that is easier said than done. She has mastered this menswear inspired fashion down to a T.