I was at the airport in the duty free make up section last week with a friend looking for something to replace my cc cream not because it was empty but because it was long past expiration date! I don’t tend to put anything on my face but because of its light texture and partial coverage I might wear it in the evenings before applying my make up (when I remember -obviously not that often for it to be full). 

Anyway, a sales lady from Armani make up assured me that the product ‘face fabric’ was perfect for what I was looking for. She was spot on!

Although there is no SPF protection, this lightweight, fresh formula is so silky and comfortable just like slipping into your favourite pair of jeans. I have honestly fallen in love with this product. It is super easy to apply and doesn’t go clumpy if worn immediately on top of your daily skin care. It feels so good and has just the right amount of coverage for those who want to look as natural and as make up free as possible!

Ladies, for those who love the ‘make up but no make up’ look, this baby needs to be yours! It may be a little expensive but it is truly and utterly worth it!

Find Armani make up at The Mall of Cyprus  in Debenhams Nicosia.