Don’t you feel good when you meet happy people? Most times their energy is contagious and trust me, the state of energy you are in, is also passed on. So when you’re happy and you know it, show it!

When our energy is high we can do more, attract the things we want in life and positively influence those around us.

However, if we really HAVE to feel good (important meeting, date, or just fed up with feeling down etc.) there are some mind games we can use to achieve a mental state of “feel goodness”:

  • Exercise, shower, chose something nice to wear, put on your favorite music, the upbeat kind. Don’t listen to music that triggers off thoughts, or makes you melancholy. For this to work you need songs that make you swing to the music. This takes maximum 30 – 40 mins but it’s a sure thing.


  • Fake a smile, relax your eyes, keep smiling for 30 seconds and breath. Repeat 3 times. There you go. You’re already feeling better. Studies have shown that smiling releases endorphins, which makes us feel good. It is a natural drug.


  • Look at the bigger picture. We often drown in a glass of water by over complicating things. Take a step back and see the situation for what it is.

I know It’s hard when you are feeling down to do these things, and even harder to TRY and CHANGE your mood. The moment you DECIDE, the moment you realize that YOU are in control of your state of mind, you can be the happiest, most relaxed person in your surroundings. And that’s the beauty of the human brain. You can train it to be, or do whatever you tell it too.

Fotis x