Contouring is a bit of a hassle but once you master it, it becomes easy and fun. What contouring does is define or ‘reshape’ parts of your face, so  to ‘conceal/tone down’ you need to use a darker tone and to bring out and redefine you need to use a highlighter or lighter toned product.

How to contour your nose to create the illusion of a smaller nose:

Firstly, apply your foundation and set it with a translucent powder.  

(TIP: If you are going to use a cream-based product you need to do so before you set your make up. If you are going to use a powdery-based product to contour, then it can be done after you set your makeup with light translucent powder).

Use a small shadow brush dipped into bronzer -preferably matte- to carefully draw two thin lines on either side of your nose. Then connect them in a semi-circle at the bottom of your nose. This will give the illusion that your nose is longer and with a small upturn at the end.

Blend with a fluffy brush to soften the edges. Since you don’t want any of the lines to show you need to keep blending until they almost disappear.

Apply a lighter concealer onto the middle of your brows, down the middle of your nose and which leads in an upside down triangle to your forehead. This creates the illusion of light, and will slim out your entire face.

Blend well with either a foundation brush or your fingers and then set it immediately with powder.

For some added definition you can add a dab of highlighter to the lighter parts of your contouring but nothing too loud as it will make the final look fake. You now have a beautiful, slender looking nose.

‘Till next week…