Invading my makeup bag you would see that I am the proud owner of the ultimate Nude lipstick collection. Nude coloured lipsticks have something chic and sophisticated about them. Of course the Reds indicate a powerful and fearless woman but sometimes a little Nude goes a long way! In every aspect that is;)

 “Is it too casual?” the answer is ‘NO’ as it’s not the lipstick that makes the difference but the way we pair it. You can create day looks and night looks wearing the exact same shade!

“I think that the move towards nude lipsticks on the red carpet is because it makes things more modern and paired back, whereas red lipstick is more classic and full on […] nude is so much easier to wear as it works on every lip shape” Wendy Rowe MUA

Like the Reds, Nudes are definitely not a case of ‘one shade suits all’. Choosing a shade that is similar to your skin tone might make you looked washed out, so go for a nude that won’t look completely translucent. Opaque, matte and creamy textured Nudes make much more of a statement since the colour is more obvious in comparison to a lip gloss or sheer textures which are more ‘natural’ and will allow your lips’ natural colours to come through. Nudes are a very individual thing and it’s all about looking for and trying on different shades. Lighter tones usually suit lighter complexions and darker ones suit darker complexions so when buying a Nude do a bit of ‘tasting’ first!

“If a nude lipstick looks ashy, it’s too light for you. If it looks muddy, the shade is too dark.” Bobbi Brown MUA

These are a few of my favourites which I like to pair with the right shade lip liner. Lip liner gives definition and stops colour from bleeding. (Post loading)


Burnt Spice (Retro Matte Liquid lip colour) by MAC

Altered Beige (lustre) by MAC

Luxe Naturale (Mineralise rich) by MAC

Velvet Teddy (matte) by MAC

Among the fireflies (creamsheen) by Mac

Magic Spell (creamsheen) by MAC

Leonardo (LipCrush – Liquid matte lipstick) by SLA



  1. Defined look – Use a black eyeliner, a nude coloured eyeshadow and black mascara. Apply bronzer to define cheeks bones and highlighter at the top of your cheeks. Blend them all together to give your look life and definition.



  1. Smokey eye look – Create Smokey eyes and apply bronzer and highlighter for extra definition. You can add some highlighter to the inner corners of your eyes to achieve more radiance.



  1. Coloured eyeshadow – If you are more daring then combine your Nude lipstick with a coloured eye! Go modern!



  1. Big eyelashes, defined eyebrow – If you are not into wearing eyeshadows to define your eyes then you can combine your Nude lipstick with intense eyelashes and perfectly defined eyebrows. This will highlight the top part of your face. A strong eye and neutral lip gives a perfect balance.

Till next week ladies…

Cat x