‘From its first appearance back in 1919, the jumpsuit was always destined to become a fashion icon. A symbol of female heroism and adventure, it naturally found its way from the professional aviators, racing drivers and sports women, to the catwalks of Paris, all under the influential and creative eye of Coco Chanel.

The effortlessly chic ‘lounging pyjama’ gave women a new fashion vocabulary for yachting, beachwear and leisure pursuits and appealed to the more daring, fashion forward ladies with a little money to spend. But it wasn’t until Hollywood’s leading women, such as Ann Sothern started to wear the jumpsuit on screen that the trend really took off. Sassy, head strong movie stars were the new role models that showed young woman how to dress in an effortless, edgy and sophisticated way. It was dressing for women, by women.

Ann Sothern

And now. Well jumpsuits are iconic silhouettes. They are cool, chic and yet timeless. They embrace the adventurous spirit of those early pioneers with a rock chick attitude and easy confidence. They are Ali McGraw and Coco Chanel, Bianca Jagger and Celia Birtwell rolled into one. And who wouldn’t want to be that?’



Right now a jumpsuit is the only thing we want to wear. Roll the sleeves, cuff the bottoms and pop the collar – a relaxed style that works every day!




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