While footwear trends come and go, the popularity of knee-high boots has stood the test of time. These classic boots certainly have a lot to offer women. As well as providing warmth in the colder months, these shoes are also seriously chic and surprisingly versatile. Perfect for work, the weekend, nights out and beyond, knee-high boots can look fantastic with a variety of outfits. And, they are so back!

It’s a shoe trend that caught fire quite a few months ago, but now the trend wheels are fully in motion, and there’s no slowing this autumn look down.

‘This boot choice has been so popular that it has spawned multiple iterations, resulting in knee-high boot microtrends within the trend. We’ve seen classics (like a pair of plain black pull-ons) as well more adventurous creations (cowboy boots).’

Keep scrolling to see the knee-high boot trends of 2019, how they’re being worn and the best versions you can buy today.