I was given this face oil as a gift recently and I was really impressed with its texture, smell and mostly the results I saw from using it in under two weeks. Superb results in every aspect, which to be fair I was guaranteed to have. You really must try it.



Deeply nourishing night oil contains a holistic infusion of flower oils from rose petals, chamomile, calendula and elder, which in combination with nourishing plant oils of almond, wheat, jojoba, avocado and borage seed and the essential oils of geranium, lavender, mandarin and cypress, delivers the best nourishment to the skin, while protecting from various environmental and lifestyle factors, that affect the skin during the day. Skin looks healthy, young and radiant. Does not contain perfume.

Therapist’s tips:

Apply 1-2 pumps over face, massage gently and leave overnight.