It’s absolutely normal to experience some degree of stress, disorientation or even mild depression when you’re back from a holiday. The “downer of the holiday high” so to speak.

If you aren’t used to taking regular holidays this adds up to the post-holiday anxiety.

So, number one tip here is: Take more time off work, even for shorter periods so you can reduce your stress and rejuvenate your body and mind!

 This can help you create some sort of strategy that you can follow when you come back from a trip. Preparation is ultimately the key to ensure both a relaxing holiday and a smooth transition home!

  1. Before you leave complete any stressful tasks like finish planning a dreadful presentation or going to your dentist appointment.

  2. Make sure you have a list of priority tasks you need to do after your holiday. This will help with the “blur” which you may feel when your holiday is comes to an end.

  3. During your vacation disconnect as much as possible from both the stress of home and work life. Spend very little time on your phone and your emails.

  4. If you’re able to, don’t go back to work right after your holiday is over. Take 1-2 days to relax and recoup before heading back to the office.

  5. Go to work having a fresh outlook! After being away for a while, altering the way you see things can make you feel completely different about them.

  6. Plan! First day back? Do your to-do lists and work based on priority.

  7. Finally, bring a little piece of your holiday with you. These positive feelings from your holiday transform your energy to get you through your work!

Although easier said than done, using some strategies will definitely help you ease back into work with less stress and anxiety. I hope you had a nice, relaxing holiday and your “landing back to work” is as smooth as possible.