If you’ve noticed there hasn’t been any blog post on style or loved trends for a while because for many, including myself it’s been the last thing on our minds. Saying that, just in the knick of time, I thought I’d dot up your Christmas by inspiring you to style up those legs in one of my fav ways ever.  

Well, truth is, our glam rags have been put aside this year but who feels like dolling up in glitz and glamour anyway? Personally, although I have no intention to dress to the nines, I thought I’d take a break from my hoodies and sweatpants and tone up my winter warmers with dotted tights.

(A dotty effect on the Chanel catwalk)

There are so many tights options to choose from, yet sheer polka dot tights always outstand the test of time and act as a wardrobe staple. Whether your style is edgy, sophisticated or casual, these patterned tights are easy to wear and can be worn in tons of different ways. I absolutely love them! I love anything dotty actually!

Let’s dot this! You have time to go dot hunting!


Maria x