Do you find yourself avoiding to say the word “No”? Have you ever wondered why? Maybe you are a chronic pleaser and don’t want to disrupt any of your relationships. Maybe you believe you can do everything and saying no means you are weak.

Whether it’s asking for help, a favor, or a task to perform, learning to say no can keep you calm, sane and focused on the things you actually want to do.

By saying no, you are teaching yourself and others that your needs matter too. Set the right boundaries and start changing your life one “no” at a time:

5 tips on how to say “no”

  • Keep your response simple. No need to ask for permission to say no! Stop feeling bad about it, be firm and direct.
  • Refusal v rejection. Remind yourself you are saying no to the request and you are not turning down a person.
  • Be true to yourself. Get to know your needs and yourself better to focus on what you really need in life.
  • Do not apologize for saying no. You did not do anything wrong, you are just saying no.
  • Finally, if you can’t get out of it, propose an alternative.

Simply realize that you can’t please everyone!