Every now and then – yet not too often, we are left behind with opened bottles of wine that we weren’t able to finish. Of course, when stored properly we can still get back to business and finish up a few days later.

On the unlikely event of leftover wine, there are some other uses that will definitely come in handy:

  1. Ice Ice baby

A lot of recipes require a few tablespoons of wine. A good way to measure it, as well as have it available anytime, is by transforming leftover wine to ice cubes. Due to the alcoholic content, they will not freeze completely. However, they will be solid enough to pop in recipes to boost their flavours or thicken up a sauce or a soup.

  1. Discover your Michelin alter ego

As cooking requires imagination, wine can be used in a million ways when adapting into gastronomy. From marinating your meat, to creating a wine based vinaigrette sauce, to steaming it in garlic mussels, or poaching some beautiful fruits, like pears, your options are endless when thinking out-of-the-box while cooking!

  1. Sweet Wine o’mine

Have you ever heard of a syrup made of wine? If not, well, it is never too late! Simply, add sugar into wine, reduce it down until it becomes a thick syrupy masterpiece. Pour it over ice cream, pancakes, dark chocolate tart, or even add it in your salad and make things a lot more interesting.

  1. Alternate your cleaning game

If you think house cleaning products are your only solution for removing greasy stains, then you are in for a big surprise! Most of us have heard of how white wine magically removes persistent red wine stains from white shirts. But not only, mix a white wine with a bit of baking soda, scrub your barbeque or “foukou” grill and be prepared for sparkling clean equipment!


  1. Pamper yourself

Ever heard of beauty products composed by red wine? Well, if you feel like it, pour two glasses in your bathtub and hair and rinse well. It is believed it can help with circulation, cellulite-reduction, and give you thick, shiny hair. Whether facts or myths, feel like a celebrity for a day or two by putting this technique to the test. Even if it fails to give you the results promised, it will be quite a fun thing to experience plus you can tick “wine-bath” off your bucket list!

See you next week!

Cheers, Santé and Yiamas..

Until then.. Strike for a glass half full !

Nicole x