Don’t you just hate it when you find those dreamy eyelashes on men! I do!  But at long last eyelash serums have come to the rescue! They’re nothing new really but I know many of you might be somewhat doubtful as to whether or not they work so I will try and answer a few of the possible questions you might have.

Do lashes grow?

Just like your head hair, eyelashes do grow only slower and up to a certain length. Head hair will continue to grow for up to three years whereas eyelashes will only grow for three months and then fall out which ultimately limits the length that they can grow to.

Do eyelashes stop growing?

Unfortunately, the answer is yes. As we age eyelashes become thinner and less since it is part of the aging process.

How long do new eyelashes need to grow?

On average new eyelashes need about six weeks to grow as long as the hair follicles are healthy and intact. This is where you need to pay attention!

Ok, so lash serums do work but there is a catch… you have to be committed to applying the serum daily, or as directed. Don’t apply it once or twice and expect wonders. Most of the serums take some time for to kick in. Patience is the key.

I am currently using CP Mascara Oil Elixir a natural product from CP Herbalist. Although there are many products on the market that promise results I opted for something closer to nature since I have sensitive eyes in general and I didn’t want to strain them. 

In addition to the serum you need to remember that to reach maximum eyelash growth you must have a healthy diet, high in vitamins and proteins. Avoid rubbing your eyes vigorously as this increases the chances of eyelashes falling out and always remember to take your makeup off before you go to bed every night (something which I’ve done religiously since forever!) as it can cause build-up over time and inevitably cause eyelash loss.

Till next week…