Make up! Do I? Don’t I? Should I?  This seriously is a chore for me when getting ready to go out for two reasons mainly. One because I’m a last minute person, unfortunate for those around me, yes I know! and two I have this issue about not wanting too much on my face ( I think it makes me look older too).

Funnily enough, even though I like experimenting with colours in general, I tend to fossilise and stick to what I know best and do the same thing whenever I must! Saying that, everybody seems to like how I make myself up, (basic and glossy) and wants to know what I do and what products I use, (don’t know why!) So today, I’m sharing my make-up routine with you!

My sister Georgina and Katerina (WMC’s resident make-up artist) love all things beauty and always rub off onto me and bombard me with what newbies they come across. My sister, a fan of Space NK is always on the lookout for the next best thing, but, I, on the other hand, once I like something stick to it.

I always make sure I’m well moisturised. During the day (if I make myself up which is hardly ever)  I’ll just put my concealer on under my eyes and then some mascara, eyebrow filler (as I have no eyebrows) and some blusher. At night, I’ll use my shimmer and foundation too and then do the same with some eyeshadow and liner. Add a gloss to my lips and that’s that! Nothing fancy, nothing time consuming just basic – that’s me! (for make – up that is!)

Here is exactly what is in my make up bag:

  • Face fabric Georgio Armani ( If and when I want light coverage which is hardly ever)
  • Powder fabric concealer Georgio Armani
  • Boiing hydrating concealer benefit 

  • My favourite under eye brightening corrector EVER is BECCA
  • Killawatt lightening dust and fire crystal Fenty Beauty ( When I want that extra sparkle)
  • Backlight Priming Filter BECCA ( I tend to put it all over my face)

My 3 blushers are benefit

  • Rockateur ( My daily blush)
  • dandelion

  • Eye shadow – Ombre Rouge Eye Palette BECCA
  • TEDDY EYE KHOL MAC ( favourite colour pencil)
  • Eye tint 27 Georgio Armani

Due to my having no eyebrows I tend to use these two products daily!

  • KA – BROW benefit
  • GIMME BROW+ benefit

  • HYPNOSE Doll Eyes 01 LANCOME

  • Gloss bomb FENTY GLOW FENTY BEAUTY ( lip gloss of the moment)
  • Lip maestro 202 Georgio Armani

Dedicated to all of my friends who keep asking me about my make up.

Maria x