We all get super excited when it comes to travelling. Many of us, however dread the pre-traveller’s PACKING so I decided to help you guys make a short list of makeup essentials that I think you should have with you when travelling light.

Personal rule…try to keep things to the most essential and plan ahead to base your products around your activities. Here’s my E-list:

  1. Sunscreen – Regardless of where you are going, sunscreen is a MUST. It helps prevent facial brown spots and any skin discolorations and it slows down the development of wrinkled, premature aging skin. I like to take UV PLUS by Clarins which is colourless and it comes in 30ml.


  1. Tinted moisturizer or BB cream – Having a product that has two uses definitely saves space and time. I usually take my Nude finish tinted moisturizer by Bobbi Brown and if I want extra coverage I add some Studio fix powder plus foundation by MAC on top. A BB cream is handy too as it acts as sunscreen and foundation in one.


  1. Concealer – Unless you have dark circles which might need a bit of hiding, a concealer is definitely not a must.


  1. Pencil eyeliner – Opt to take a dark brown eyeliner rather than a black one. Should the situation call for it you can use your eyeliner as a brow pencil J


  1. Mascara – Mascara will help your eyes stand out even without the need of eyeshadow. There are plenty of travel sized tubes on the market but my personal favourite is They’re Real Mascara Travel Sized Mini by Benefit.


  1. Lip balm – Choose your lip balm with SPF to protect as well as moisturise. A pinky tinted tone will make your lips look fuller and you can use it as blusher too!

  1. Eyeshadow – If you want to take eyeshadows choose to take a mini palette of three shades that you can mix and blend.


  1. Travel Brush Set – Make sure you don’t pack your favourite brushes as they take up space and you run the risk of losing them. Travel size sets are mini and so much more fun to use.

  1. Lipstick – Definitely take a nude since you can create both day and night looks wearing the same shade!


  1. Facial cleansing wipes or Micellar Water – Your essentials makeup kit is not complete without one or the other. Why clog your pores and cause break outs?

When deciding what to take on holiday, be sure to keep things simple, light and useful. You will find you will only ever use the basics anyway!

Till next week ladies…