Why do women wear makeup? The answer is to either camouflage or seduce! They also feel that if they show their natural face they won’t be able to accomplish either of those things and will be treated differently.  So would you go for a more natural looking face or a fully made up face?

If makeup isn’t your cup of tea or sometimes you simply don’t feel like dolling your face up, try wearing concealer or foundation, you will get an instant lift. According to research, foundation is the one product that has the biggest impact on how women are perceived. Skin tone discolorations, tired eye bags and blemishes can make you appear tired, stressed or even ill.  Once you wear foundation you will see that your face tone appears smoother and more balanced and so subconsciously you will see things more positively and become ready for action.

We love Fluid Foundation by MAKE-UP ATELIER PARIS (Available at The Makeup Pro by Barbara Nikolakaki)

‘Resistant to perspiration, tears and sebum thanks to a specific treatment of pigments […]”Oil free” non-comedogenic formula that allows a natural and comfortable makeup for a unified skin and a natural complexion’.

For full coverage, before applying foundation, put on concealer to make any prominent blemishes or even acne scars ‘disappear’. Same goes for oily skin. Make sure you remove the excess shine by applying powder on top of your foundation.  (TIP #1 Keep your compact in your bag so you can re-apply whenever you need to.)

Our current favourite is Iridescent Compact Powder Refill by MAKE-UP ATELIER PARIS (Available at The Makeup Pro by Barbara Nikolakaki)

‘Micro fine mattifying compact powder with silky touch. The silicone coated talc and mineral pigments protect the skin and provide a long-lasting makeup’.

On the other hand, if you love your makeup you add these three boosts:

Blush: according to many studies, adding a pink shade to your cheeks makes you look younger and -let’s not be coy about it- slightly aroused! Yup ladies you read right because a few swipes of blush can replicate the look of love and lust. When we blush in romantic settings, we are aroused, flirtatious, and likely happy. Blush mimics that look and therefore makes us appear more physically appealing to others.

Eye makeup: we all know that eye makeup makes the wearer’s eyes shout out ‘wow’. It attracts attention, complements or enhances one’s eye colour and generally makes eyes appear larger. Using a mascara, eyeliner or eyeshadow also adds depth and dimension.

Lipstick: by wearing red lipstick, we increase sex appeal and self-confidence. Women appear more ‘complete’ mature and powerful when they wear red lippies! So don’t feel shy ladies simply go red for a more vibrant, chic, daring look!

‘Till next week…