It’s the closest thing to a uniform for people who don’t like uniforms: an impeccably cut all-purpose blazer. Factor in razor-sharp lapels and a Bond-like ability to segue between business and black tie—and suiting up for fall just made it a lot easier to say goodbye to summer. Just make sure you over size it this season.

Blazers aren’t meant just for the office anymore: Celebrities, bloggers, and certified Fashion People are fans of them for pretty much any occasion, from brunch to date night. And all the great prints and silhouettes out there right now have pretty much confirmed what we’ve always known: These jackets are meant for more than just the daily grind.

When it comes to fail-safe outfit formulas, you just can’t beat a blazer and jeans. It’s a simple, chic wardrobe game changer that never lets us down.

Scroll below to see all our favourite ways to wear blazers and jeans.

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