As a wife and mum, being at home for so long has made me feel more married than ever! Our new routine has definitely changed our way of thinking!

I am not going to refer to moments that feel like eternity or to moments of craziness. I’m certain all parents feel moments of stress, anger and the not knowing how to handle their children’s boredom. Let’s face it, no matter their age, when kids have feelings you need to be there and know how to handle them and there is a big BUT here because we all basically want to come out of this as better people and I do believe we need to be positive in situations like this one.

Now that we can be with our children all day long it doesn’t mean its chaos (ok the house might be) but really, it’s a blessing. Just think of the feelings children experience when the family is together doing all the activities you wouldn’t normally do on a daily basis.

Thinking about my life in general, the weekend is not enough to do all the things I want to do with the children because our normal routine is super hectic but now during our quarantine we not only enjoy our activities but also give the children that quality extra time they lacked before. Even pizza nights have been fine-tuned since they make their own pizza instead of shouting to mummy what to order! Come on let’s face it, when there is no alarm going off at 6 am you become stress free and are able to function in a less agitated way!

So yes, I totally feel that the moments we are now sharing with our loved ones are a blessing in disguise, they are special, relaxed, precious moments. We spend time watching movies, colouring, cleaning the house and perhaps eating more than we would normally do but hey, so what, that only means no beach bod this year!

We have come to realise the things we need to appreciate more in life. Family, time and learning how to really spend time together.

That’s what makes a house a home. The rest will go back to normal soon. For now, stay home and stay safe.