I’ve only recently understood (and this has come about with my nearing the big 40) that it is so important to treat your skin if you want it to look good and be healthy. Lack of time, energy and sometimes knowledge don’t help, but whether you are or you aren’t into invasive procedures, face therapies at your facialists are essential to maintain, as much as is possible, youthful, glowing skin.  Truth be said, up until I met Eleni, owner of Nyxi Nyxi and representative of Elemis, which was a couple of years ago, I would clean my face with wet wipes or not clean it at all before hitting the pillow! Terrible, I know! I never really had a skin care regime and I was very much into applying any odd cream if I remembered! Now, it’s a different story, not only am I strict with my cleansing, facial oil, serum and cream application, I’m into my regular facial treatments as well!

During my monthly face treatments, I started working closely with the brand and Nyxi Nyxi where I recently had 8 facials back to back. My bi-weekly, intense, ELEMIS journey has given my skin a real boost, I feel rejuvenated and I’ve come to realise how important regular facial treatments are. The Technique is what makes these treatments really count. Eleni’s hands are profound anti-ageing tools that have been trained to touch the necessary muscles on the face and help penetrate those ‘fancy’ ingredients at the right levels. Prevention is cure and that is absolutely true when it comes to skincare. SERIOUS Skincare!

Each of my treatments were different but each one focused on areas that needed attention. A beautiful spa ‘ceremony’, a real journey …each facial also managed to work out the kinks from my muscles whilst soothing my mind and spirit and uplifting my entire being. My therapies included, face masks, exfoliation, cleansing, face massage, variety of creams and lotions during which I was treated to neck, back, arm and hand massage each time. There are many types of facial treatments, and choosing the one you need depends on your skin type and skin issues. Some are highly moisturizing, others are firming, restoring and whitening. But you need that well trained facialist in your life, in order to be able to identify the right treatment for you.

ELEMIS’ facial treatments are akin to entering Aladdin’s skin care cave. Whichever one you choose just make sure it is suited to your skin type to produce the effects that you are aiming for. When in front of the mirror I see a change, good results are there!

  • Resurfacing facial: not only took me on a blissful journey with intense aromatherapy smells but also plumped up my face making it look more youthful, smooth and even.
  • Oxygen facial: Gave me fuller, fresh looking skin. Imagine pure oxygen being pumped onto your skin…I mean this was pure health.
  • White Brightening treatment: By the end of this treatment I had a balanced, even skin tone and my face looked cleaner, brighter and with less imperfections.
  • Line Eraser treatment: Using the ELEMIS BIOTEC approach, this facial proved to be a true eraser of lines & wrinkles. The long and precise facial massage which was part of the treatment was pain free and yet worked wonders – as if I took my face to the gym!

Aside from achieving over and above the desired effects on my skin, I noticed that these treatments go deeper than the skin care products we use at home. Even if sunblock is applied, sunlight, pollutants in the air and stress will wreak havoc on the health and appearance of your skin. Regular facials (every 3 weeks, as long as your skin cycle is) ensure close attention is given to minimising pores, improving the overall appearance and complexion of facial skin and providing it with that vital TLC. Massages are part of a good facial treatment too, which in turn help improve blood circulation. The result is a healthy glow. If it’s been a while since you last treated yourself to a professional facial treatment at a spa or a beauty clinic, you should definitely start again now.

Oh and the new Anti-Ageing is called Healthy Skin

Maria x